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The term "audio product" itself is extremely broad. We include in it as the record sounds, which then create together such a musical composition, communication, password information, the call sign. To illustrate the notation used to be, record, CD, cassette tape, MP3 file. It may be a product which with human assistance or without these sounds creates itself. With the support of human sounds produce musical instruments, without human assistance play the electronic reproduction devices, such as the need to tape, loudspeaker, amplifier, sound cards, radio and television receivers, MP3 players. But also here, however, human activity is needed not only for start-up operation, but to provide the required audio files, to make the instrument - to play. And what exactly are the creative audio products?

Creative audio products are found throughout human history since its inception. Outside sounds very human instinct gave ourselves from nature, such as danger or warning to food, calling the children, every new sound out of this area was a creative sound product. Was a need for someone or something new urgency to communicate or respond to such communication, then the simple melodies, chants, songs, stories. Scripture has not yet been discovered, and all the acquired knowledges was transmitted through sound. Later came a simple and complex religious rituals, which required support of music, formed more creative audio products - musical instruments, ceremonial songs and melodies.

Great development of creative sound products bring all the religions around the world. Each of them has brought the sound of their products anything. It was a huge number of music tracks, sermons, stories, religious or denominational character. It was a huge number of music tracks, sermons, stories, religious or denominational character. The appearance of writing is no longer necessary to transmit all information in the form of sound. In a relaxed area for the recorded communications joined other area of creative audio products - music and storytelling for entertainment and education. Folk songs were spread without any written background, stories of important figures in the legends grew, also without a written record. Why do I mention these examples as a creative ...

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